Wear Your Dolphins To Work Day
A Day of Awareness for Bubbleheads Worldwide (April 11, 2014)
April 11 - Wear Your Dolphins To Work Day

On April 11 1900, the US Navy accepted the design of its first official submarine the USS Holland, named after the engineer and designer John Philip Holland. This is traditionally treated as the birth of submarining.

On this day, every submarine qualified individual should proudly wear their dolphins on their civilian shirt while at work. The goal is to raise awareness on the service you provided.

This idea was the brainchild of "Dennis", a former COB on boomer boats, retired. You can read his story and rationale on his original site of this same domain, head on over to the Wayback Machine and read his story. I visited his old site and found his domain expired June 2010, i sent him a mail at that time asking if he'd like the domain back while at the same time resurecting the domain temporarily to get the word out that we're approaching April 11. If Dennis would like this domain, it's all his and i'll transfer it to him. Otherwise, I'm happy to run with this myself and keep the buzz going. Here's a snippet from his old web site that explains the rationale behind the initiative...

If we can have a "take your daughter to work day", why not have a "Wear your Dolphins to work day"? Earning Dolphins must be at least as hard a having a baby, right? So why are we hiding our achievement?" We were in the "Silent Service", not the "Hide it like we are ashamed Service". I know some sea lawyer is thinking that we aren't supposed to wear uniform insignia with civvies, but we're SUBMARINERS! We wore beards when the rest of the Navy was clean shaven! We wore Nikes as uniform of the day at sea. We hit golf balls off the bow at the North Pole! We wore civilian clothes on watch for half-way day. We have friends with names like "Warhead"!

If we can take pictures from inside Russian harbors, we can damn well wear our fish with civvies one day a year. Why not do it to celebrate the Submariner Force Birthday, April 11th?

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